Someday my prince will come... and he did!
So how did we end up in "War of the Roses"?!?

As little girls, we hear the fairy tale stories and dream that someday our prince will come along. This fantasy was reinforced by just about every form of media and entertainment... movies, magazines, novels. But we grew older, and watched as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs evolved into Elizabeth Taylor and her Seven Husbands. Slowly, the dream we had been taught to pursue became a distant, unattainable fantasy. Doesn't that speak volumes... beautiful, smart, well-connected, and talented, yet that dream remained a steady influence in the way her life unfolded.

Perhaps, if we could somehow tap into a collective pool of applicable female knowledge, laboriously earned through years and years of experience, we could prepare, in essence, a set of road signs to guide a woman along the road of life and love. You know... Stop, Go, Caution, Slippery Ahead... you get the picture.

"You Have Got to be Kidding Me!" and "No One Told Me That!" become mantras we hear ourselves repeating more and more often.

Well ladies, we're here to tell you that through uplifting, funny, and inspiring stories about how myself, as well as others, have turned defeat into victory, you can gain from our experiences. As the popular success maxim notes, "If it's going to be... it's up to me!". We will prepare you, and if you follow the signs... victory can be yours too.

If knowledge is power... be prepared for a powerful experience. Enjoy the transforming techniques that can enhance your life no matter what you have been through.