"You Have Got to be Kidding Me...
No One Told Me That!"

A Life Manual for Survival by
Terry Watkins

"This book is a must-have for all baby-boomers... and all those to follow!"
-Kevin Lane

You’ll laugh… you’ll cry… and you’ll laugh some more as Terry Watkins offers her priceless, life-enhancing advice to all women. Through the pain, shock, disappointment, and excruciating conflicts she experienced after her husband’s unexpected and sudden death, Terry has learned every lesson a woman can experience in life… the hard way!

Like many women in America and abroad, Terry left most of the business and financial decisions to her husband. She signed whatever papers he asked and was satisfied with the answers she was given, dealing with the eventuality of death that would, some day, separate the two. She was assured that she and their daughter would be provided for and watched over in the same manner.

The life and lifestyle Terry had come to know came to a grinding halt with a phone call stating that her husband had died, unexpectedly, of a massive heart-attack. Demonstrating the depth of character and fortitude she was known for, she began to take charge of the funeral arrangements and prepared for life without her beloved husband.

But, before the ink was dry on the death certificate, her world began to implode! Bankers, lawyers, financial advisors, and a host of other people Terry looked to for guidance and support appeared to be conspiring to turn her life upside down.

Terry encountered one road block after another, only to realize that her husbands "Trust" in people and family to carry out his wishes were "Misplaced" leaving Terry abandoned!

She emerged from the rubble stronger, wiser, and determined to turn her misfortune into a road map for all women, to guide them through the unexpected twists and turns of life after a death or divorce.

She dove head-first into writing and speaking to women. Through her unique style of delivery, and ability to find humor in any situation, Terry has already changed the course of countless lives. Her seasoned advice is now readily available to anyone and everyone, in her manual for survival, entitled “You Have Got to be Kidding Me... No One Told Me That!”, which is what she found herself repeating time and time again.